Accessible Responsive Representation You Can Count On

Your best interest will be my only agenda. I will be proactive when dealing with issues that may affect you and your neighbours. I will always be interested in hearing your concerns and viewpoints and commit to you receiving a timely response from me. 

Respect for Taxpayer Dollars

I will only make informed decisions while considering taxpayer benefit and any community consequence. 

I think I am probably middle of the road where spending is concerned. Spending is always about prioritizing and after essential services are checked off, I believe in a balanced community while prudently holding the line on spending. 


Speeding cars and little kids are a big worry. I plan to suggest to the Mayor and next Council that consideration be given to reducing speed limits on neighbourhood (local) roads.

Seniors On The Move

I believe Seniors should be allowed to travel on Barrie Transit anywhere and anytime free of charge. 


I believe all publicly owned green spaces and waterfront properties must be preserved for family recreation.