Advocacy for Old Barrie and Ward 1

Roads and Infrastructure

Thankfully work has now commenced on Duckworth but unfortunately because of years of neglect much of Barrie's old infrastructure has failed to the point that revitalization of many (even local roads) is no longer an option and millions of (hard to find enough to go around) dollars are now required for total reconstruction of roadways. 

The Neighbourhood Renewal Program provides increased funding for road resurfacing and aging infrastructure in neighbourhoods across the city. It provides a long-term strategic approach to renew and rebuild roads, sidewalks and streetlights in existing neighbourhoods. Fortunately the first project was our North Shore neighbourhood.

Because it s a citywide program and now operating on a fix the  worst road first basis, our neighbourhoods keep losing out to requirements in Ward 2 and some in Ward 8 where the roads are just that much older and if you can believe it in worse shape. I suppose this will level out eventually but I promise to continuously and assertively advocate for Neighbourhood Renewal in Ward 1. 

A new roads program called The End of Life Pavement Replacement was introduced in the 2018 Capital Budget to target Barrie's worst pavement surfaces when reconstruction is not scheduled for several years. I will definitely be reviewing this program opportunity with Engineering and discuss Ward 1 roads. 

37 Johnson Street and Conscientious Infilling

I am absolutely opposed to the development plans for 37 Johnson Street and will do all possible to support Council's unanimous DENY POSITION at the upcoming OMB hearing in January. I am pleased to hear all City Planning documents are under review at this time including Intensification Regulations. It is very important to me that the City gives strong consideration to the existing neighbourhoods when approving any new developments.

Near Campus Neighbourhood

Although Special Purpose Student Housing has probably provided some relief I know Absentee Landlords and temporary student populations still cause stress in the neighbourhood. I promise to  always be responsive and do my best to quickly mitigate any problems in the Near Campus Neighbourhood.

Johnson's Beach

You think it couldn't happen but I remember we almost lost our beach a few years ago. What a travesty that would have been. 

Last fall, work on the storm sewer to thwart overland water flows washing out the beach and also flooding out the washroom introduced a gigantic and extremely invasive pile of river stone on the east side of the beach. While it is not perfect the stone area has been reduced to something less intrusive and our beach is back in business.

I will diligently protect our beach and all beautiful green spaces in the Ward.