About Me


I have lived in Ward 1 for over 20 years. I am so grateful to

have been able to raise my now grown son Jan in this special

part of our phenomenal city that is near and dear to my heart. 

Who else has a beach in their backyard?

I really enjoy being a secondary school teacher with the

Simcoe County District School Board and have for many

years had an interest in one day being part of Barrie City

Council. I hope my day has come!   I have the time, the

energy and the ability to make a strong contribution on

your behalf.

I must say I am impressed by the decorum of the council

of the past eight years under the leadership of Mayor

Jeff Lehman and would be honoured to have the

opportunity to represent you as the Ward 1 Councillor.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hope to see you at your door!

Thank you. Shaughna 


Because it was 9 years ago and actually feels like another lifetime I didn’t think it relevant to my bid to become Ward 1 Councillor. However, sadly, an anonymous campaign and/or person has decided to use threatening innuendo to try and intimidate me into gathering my skirts and leaving the race.

Over 9 years ago and for a several week period I was involved and victimized in a relationship that subjected me to physical and other abuses. Subsequently there was an investigation by the authorities which included the Police.  Consequently, I received protection, treatment and exoneration. 

I urge anyone involved in an abusive relationship to seek help; it is available and I have and will continue to help anyone in this situation.


As a mother I couldn’t be more proud. 

As a resident and property owner in Ward One I couldn’t be

more pleased.

I am absolutely delighted my daughter Shaughna is so

excited about the possibility of representing us EastEnders

on the next Council. She will very capably represent the

much needed female perspective at that table.

Being our daughter, Shaughna has, all of her days, been

submerged in political conversation.  Little wonder she

chose to do her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Shaughna has for many years participated in Municipal

matter discussions (often a sounding board)  in my

preparation for Council  Meetings.

I hope you will decide to give Shaughna your support on

Election Day. She has lived in the Ward over 20 years, she

is very interested, she is very intelligent and she will be an

excellent Public Representative.  Best regards,  Bonnie