Elect a motivated, community minded individual capable of setting targets and reaching goals.

I look forward to being the voice for the residents of Ward One on the next Council and ask for your support.


Shaughna Ainsworth was one of the first people I met in Barrie when I arrived at Georgian College to teach in the university program. Having her in my  class was wonderful during my first year: she demonstrated tremendous leadership skills, great intelligence, sound critical thinking--all the things that make for both a great student and a wonderful representative. She is someone who cares deeply about Barrie and it's residents, and she was one of the persuading personalities who convinced me that Barrie is a great place to live. 

Dr. Bruce Meyer, Professor Georgian College & Inaugural Poet Laureate, City of Barrie

You would  be hard pressed to find a more caring, passionate and hard working lady! She gives 110% all the time. She gives of herself and goes above and beyond to ensure her students get the best experience in their education. I know without a doubt she would serve her ward and community in the same way.

Caroline D'Aoust Aiello

Shaughna was a memorable student  in the Laurentian University Political Science courses I taught in Barrie. She was totally involved in the courses and offered lively and informed opinions in class discussions. She also participated in our Model Parliament in the House of Commons in Ottawa and outshone most of the real MPs! Shaughna  is a highly motivated person, articulate, intelligent, well informed, public spirited and hard-working, with a strong but delightful personality, who works well with others to get things done. I only envy those who have the opportunity to vote for her in October. 

Dr. Rand Dyck, Professor at Carlton University 

Shaughna is by far one of the most considerate, caring and fair women I have ever met. She makes an incredible impact on the people she interacts with. Her decisions are based on reason and what's right. OUR CITY NEEDS MORE WOMEN LIKE HER.

Jenn Milner

So incredibly proud and excited that Shaughna Ainsworth is running in Ward 1. I  couldn't think of a better person to represent the community. She has made a positive, lasting impact on my life from the time I spent in her classroom and I'm so excited to see what she will do for Ward 1 in the City of Barrie.

Farryn Ironside 

If you are in Ward 1 please take a moment to learn about my friend Shaughna Ainsworth. She has been a close and trusted friend for many years and I have seen first hand her dedication to her community and her unwavering belief that you need to stand up for things you believe in. She will never say words she doesn't mean and when she promises you that she has your best interest at heart you can believe her.

Sarah Shortreed 

Dedication and devotion, following in the footsteps of her iconic mother Bonnie Ainsworth. The person you need and the sign you want! Looks amazing Shaughna Ainsworth so proud of you!

Heather Jones

She is one of the hardest working women I know. She is dedicated and passionate about Barrie. Voting for her will help support a strong Ward 1.

Seandie O'Brien

She is a hard worker and an honest and passionate lady. I believe she has the voice for all concerns. Ward 1 would be lucky to have her. 

Heather Munshaw Andrews


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